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Bosman Family Vineyards have been growing vines and making wine for many years. The history of the Wellington farm dates back to 1707 and is rich with stories that cover eight generations of Bosmans. Besides the original farm the family also have property in Hemel-en-Aarde on the Karwyderskraal road. Here they’ve developed a vine nursery and are cultivating more than a hundred clones to create plant material for the propagation of high quality vines. These vines are a valuable foundation of a new group of aroma and flavour profiles and robustness with the ability to withstand the typical vine viruses. Wines from the Hemel-en-Aarde vineyards are branded “De Bos”. Very appropriate as the De Bos Dam borders the vineyards and is responsible for supplying Hermanus of its drinking water. De Bos wines have been Fairtrade certified since 2009 and represent the only Overberg wines to be registered as such.

The Bosmans and their winemaker Corlea Fourie are familiar faces in Hermanus which they visit for leisure as much as for their wine interests. The road between Wellington and Hermanus seems to shrink – especially when its harvest time and the grapes need close monitoring.

Wine Village supplies the full range of Bosman Family Vineyards wines as well as the De Bos series. For more information about the wines and the Bosman family please visit

Bosman Family Vineyards Wines & Vine Garden

Bosman Family Vineyards Wines & Vine Garden