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The vision of winemaker Koen Roose is to produce elegant wines that are sexy and pure but at the same time unique, a little wild even. Squeaky clean is not for him. Personality is important and at Spioenkop, whether it’s to do with his atypical vineyard plantings or the combination of Old and New World in his boutique wine cellar, technology and laboratory analyses will only be used to assist the winemaker and never to detract from the importance of human involvement.

If you prefer a wine with a mineral quality made in a simple, elegant way you should go for our Spioenkop range. All “Spioenkop” Wines are made from grapes coming 100% from the Elgin Valley.

The “1900” wines are our “alternative” label that has a fuller, rich and more tropical style than the “Spioenkop” Wines but still an elegant option.

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