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Spioenkop is not just about a couple of Belgians who fell in love with South Africa and the Elgin Valley with its mild climate. Koen and Lore Roose moved here with a specific goal in mind; to produce elegant wines that are sexy and pure but at the same time unique, a little wild even.

Spioenkop is about bringing back the traditional approach to winemaking and about sharing this knowledge with everybody who has a passion for wine. This is a wine farm, not a château where luxury and status are priorities and the soul is forsaken. Here you meet and talk to the owners who are always prepared to help you further discover the secrets of Spioenkop and its ‘crazy winemaker’.

“The most beautiful wines don’t necessarily come from the most beautiful vineyards. Great wine isn’t perfect. It shouldn’t be! Great wine has to do with an amazingly good taste experience…”

Wine Village is excited to have Spioenkop wines featuring in our WOW! Collection for the month of March with daily wine tastings and special prices.

  • SPIOENKOP 2015 Pinotage
  • SPIOENKOP 2016 Pinotage
  • SPIOENKOP 2015 Pinotage 1900
  • SPIOENKOP 2016 Pinotage 1900
  • SPIOENKOP 2013 Pinot Noir
  • SPIOENKOP 2015 Pinot Noir
  • SPIOENKOP 2014 Pinot Noir
  • SPIOENKOP 2011 Sauvignon Blanc
  • SPIOENKOP 2016 Johanna Brandt
  • SPIOENKOP 2015 Chenin 1900 *****
  • SPIOENKOP 2012 Chenin 1900
  • SPIOENKOP 2013 Chenin Blanc
  • SPIOENKOP 2016 Sarah Raal CB
  • SPIOENKOP 2013 Chenin 1900
  • SPIOENKOP 2013 Sauvignon 1900
  • SPIOENKOP 2014 Sauvignon 1900
  • SPIOENKOP 2013 Sauvignon
  • SPIOENKOP 2014 Sauvignon
  • SPIOENKOP 2015 Riesling
  • SPIOENKOP 2016 Riesling

Come join us for a fine wine time in March for a stunning Spioenkop line-up!

Also held during March is our highly acclaimed Tim Atkin 90+ rated wine promotion. South African wines scoring 90+  points will be on tasting from 3 to 18 March. Do not miss this opportunity to taste really great wines.