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As I was walking past the Sauvignon blanc section in the shop this morning my eye caught a few bottles of Iona – Sophie te’Blanche (which is what the Afrikaans workers call a Sauvignon blanc on the Iona farm). I could not help but being transported to the farm with visions of the wine making process.

For a moment I had to become part of the expressive, humour and playfulness of the Afrikaans language on the farm.

We often pick up a bottle of wine, sometimes without paying mind or conscious attention to the linguistics or art work reflected on the labels inviting us from the wine shelf.

My short mental journey caused me to think about all the character and personality the linguistics on a bottle of wine bring to our experience as a consumer. Arguably very few can compare to the expressiveness of an Afrikaans labels. 

One can find the most interesting humorous, Afrikaans labels such as “Kat se Snor“, “Kat met die Hout Been”.

As well as labels that reflect no compromise on labels that tell a story with authenticity. “Wyne gemaak uit liefde” This is on every label from the winemaker Ilse Schutte’s Bemind Wines. 

Likely the longest winery name and also a pioneer of the Afrikaans label revolution – “Hermanuspietersfontein Wynkelder”.

Today the selection has exploded, with some highlights, such as Rust en Vrede Afrikaans, Strandveld Die Spook van Blomfontein, Eben Sadie’s Treinspoor and Soldaat, De Kleine Wijn Hoendertande, Donkiesbaai Steen, Babylonstoren Sprankel, Strandveld Skaamgesiggie, Mont Blois Hoog en Laag, Paul Roos Skoolhoof, the list is endless.

It has truly become an international proudly Afrikaans wine phenomenon!   Which is why at the Wine Village we have decided to dedicate the month of February to Afrikaans labels. This month we will highlight some of the proudly Afrikaans labels available today; wine labels that entertain us; they tell us about the character, history and heritage of the wine and production.   A few Afrikaans labels that stand proudly on our shelves at the moment:

Chenin blanc/Chardonnay
Rust en Vrede

Grenache blanc
Truter Familie Wyne

Jean Engelbrecht

Sauvignon blanc

Blanc de Blanc – Chardonnay

Pinot Noir (48%), Chardonnay (48%) and Pinot Meunier (4%).
Bartho Eksteen Wyne