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Why You Should Be Drinking Organic Wine
March 2021
There is still some debate about whether or not organic wines can match the quality of other wines, particular as some people take the view that for a wine to be truly great it must have some imperfections that allow it to establish a character all of its own. However, there are a number of benefits of drinking organic wine, which we will take a look at here.

Not Expensive
When considering organic foods, a lot of customers are wary due to the idea that organic produce will be more expensive than its non-organic counterpart. While this is true on some of the entry level wines, there are many organic wine options which are very affordable to the average wine enthusiast. Much like regular wines, organics are now available at a range of different prices.

No Chemicals
Organic items have become more popular in recent years due to the fact that there are strict restrictions on the chemicals that can be used in order for something to be deemed organic. Not only does this mean that you won’t be exposed to any man-made chemicals when you drink the wine, but you will also be able to enjoy the many attributes that the vineyard offers to the whole package.

A lot of wine companies talk about the effect of the soil on their grapes, but when chemicals are used some of this effect is naturally lost. With an organic wine, you are getting the wine exactly as nature intended it. It places the goodness which the soil has to offer to center stage. It reasserts the experience of the unique character of the region and elegantly presents it to the consumer in a glass.  
Because organic farming does not use destructive Pesticides, Herbicides and Toxins, this winemaking style nurtures the land 

Utilizing the naturally occurring resources of the soil allows the authentic character to shine through in the wine. At the same time, nurturing the soil to abundant health. Allowing it to release its nutrients into the vine and ultimately harvested into the wine on our table.  

Harvesting by hand
The use of machinery when harvesting grapes has allowed for increased efficiency and higher levels of production, but it also takes away from the craft of making high quality wines in many respects.

This means that only the best quality grapes go into the production of organic wines. As such, the overall quality becomes much higher than some people would expect, as the winemaker has had the opportunity to be a little discerning about the grape that they use.

More Nutrients for your body
Fewer chemicals used, mean fewer chemicals for you to consume. Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of our diets, with many nutritional plans being based around ensuring that people get the right amounts of each in order to live a healthier lifestyle. While the health benefits of red wine have long been known, many people underestimate just how healthy an organic wine truly is, as they allow the drinker to absorb all of the natural nutrients from the soil in which they were grown.

Reduce Hangovers
There are many causes related to hangovers but many agree that there are three that affect people who suffer these. Firstly, there are many additives which normally are added during the production of wine which could trigger an allergic reaction, most of these are not found in organic wine.

The second culprit is Sulphites: To prevent unnecessary surprises and hangovers, natural wines made without added sulphites is recommended. A healthier choice not only for asthmatics and people suffering from intolerances, but for everyone who takes care of their health. 

Lower alcohol levels in organic wine results in less dehydration and a lower likelihood of a hangover.

The presence of resveratrol in red wine has long been associated with the many health benefits that the drink offers, such as lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. However, if the grapes used to produce the wine have come into contact with some man-made chemicals, such as, chemical fertilizers, weed killers (herbicides), insecticides or other synthetic chemicals, the resveratrol they contain is reduced drastically.

Some figures claim that the grape can lose as much as 80% of the resveratrol that it contains in these situations, whereas those grown organically, get to keep it all. This makes them a much healthier choice in the long run. Some new studies even suggested it could even help fight cavities by preventing bacterial growth.

Eases Depression
One recent study suggested the anti-inflammatory properties of resveratrol could even help with treating depression. This news could be huge—maybe even leading more scientists to study the connection between natural anti-inflammatories and depression.

Even Cancer Support 
We all know that drinking alcohol damages cells in the body but some research shows that resveratrol can actually attack and kill those damaged cells. In a recent study, resveratrol in red wine counteracted the effects of alcohol, leading to a lower cancer rate. Anything that can help in cancer prevention is definitely something worthwhile! However, becoming an organic wine producer is no easy feat and Wine Village would like to salute our wine producers who have successfully embarked on this arduous journey. If you are new to the world of organic wines, then we are here to help you get going. Below you will find a great example of an everyday drinking red and white organic wine to get started on. You can choose a case of red or white depending on your preference or if you want to try a bit of both you are welcome to mix it up. However  if you are already an organic wine enthusiast then don’t miss out on Paul’s Organic selection. Just click on your preference and we will make sure that you are delighted with great wine and excellent service.