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Wine Club

Learn about wine

Enjoy 9 formal, tutored wine tastings per year. They take place on the first Tuesday of every month. Members and guests welcome.
You don’t need to know a lot about wine to join our Wine Club. This is a social and fun way to learn about wine, speak about your passion and share your appreciation and thoughts with like-minded people.

The wonderful splendour and uniqueness of our South African terroir demands continuous discovery. Exploring South African wines, unusual cultivars, brandies, and gins. Learning about wine has never been more exciting.

At the Wine Village Wine Club we set out on a tireless pursuit to explore, so that you may discover flavours, intensities and complexities in wines you never knew existed with a group of wine lovers.

Membership R520 per annum per member.

  • Tutored tastings
  • discount on all wine purchases at the Wine Village
  • Free entry to the Hermanus Wine and Food Festival values at over R220.
  • All visitors welcome at a fee of R60 per person.

Tutored Tastings:
The Wine Village wine club arranges 9 Wine appreciation evenings per annum with quality wines in a wide price range. We meet on the first Tuesday of every month, at 18:15 at The Classroom, Hemel and Aarde complex, for a formal tasting. Tasting glasses, spittoons, scorecard, order sheet, biscuits and water jugs will be made available at each tasting. We usually finish at around 20:00.

How to sign up for The Hermanus Wine Club:
A membership card will be handed over on payment of membership fees with a unique membership number.

You do not need to know a lot about wine to join The Hermanus Wine Club. This is a social and fun way to learn about wine, speak your passion and share your thoughts with some like-minded persons.
If you are unable to attend a tasting be so kind and notify us at least by the Monday morning before the Tasting.
Yes, you are welcome to bring guests. Notify us and we will ensure a secured place.
70% of our wine appreciation is experienced by our sense of smell. Please avoid the use of perfume and aftershave before coming to the tasting. At the same time avoid using lipstick, lip-ice or brushing teeth just before the tasting.



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Daily Tastings

Daily tasting of South African potstilled brandy Gin Revolution - daily tasting at the Wine Village