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Melktert, an Afrikaans label that has stood the test of time, we could call this delight Milk pie. (The English term – did you know?) However, it could never taste like Melktert, could it? Most people have a strong response to this delicious, silky smooth cinnamony sweet delight. The mere aroma transports me back in time. 
One of my first childhood memories was, growing up in Malelane, Mpumalanga, near the Kruger National Park. I was deeply fortunate because of my exposure to some of the most beautiful scenery and experiences in South Africa. Sunsets over the Crocodile River, helicopter rides over the Kruger National Park and catching Barbers, (catfish) freehand to signify the start of summer. 
We ate Mopani worms and termites for fun, and I would chase the boys with one of my numerous pet snakes, scorpions or spiders. I am reminded of raising orphaned wild hare and Klipspringertjies. Every year, we would wait for the swallows’ return, who come in their thousands – still one of my favourite nature scenes.
…all these memories are anchored in a single slice of melktert.
Today, there are many recipes and great debate around the original baking method and style of the Melktert.
Now that we are all adults, the question is, what wine would pair best with such an iconic South African dish. I enjoy the Strandveld Suikerbekkie with its Opulent honeyed sweetness that balances soft mineral notes. The lemon marmalade notes linger through the long finish.
We have also found that people enjoy Afrikaans labels such as:    
•Longridge – Edelgoud 
•Bosman – Soet Steen 
Gustus – Skattie 
Donkiesbaai – Hooiwijn

I would suggest that you order a case or two with us to enjoy with your favourite Melktert and then let me know what your favourite was.

True to the Dutch origin of melktert and the Dutch origin of Afrikaans I have chosen 6 more Afrikaans inspired wines to share this week: