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A Mari Indian Ocean Gin


Rich and fragrant with gentle spice. Complex Swahili lime and sweet ginger with a slight hint of tea on the finish.

A Mari
Atlantic Ocean Gin


Smooth and summery, this gin features a selection of coastal fynbos and fresh citrus with a slight minerality finish.

Above and Beyond
African Dry Gin


Made in London Dry style. The most prominent tones on the nose is grapefruit, lemon and mandarin orange.

Above and Beyond
Blue Pea Gin


Natural imported Blue Pea flowers give an earthy undertone with the intense blue colour being an added benefit.

Above and Beyond
Fijnbos Fields Gin


A beautiful full-bodied flavour Gin with citrus and spice being notable on the palate.

Babylonstoren Bitter Lekker


Honeybush with a zesty citrus kick from blood oranges and grapefruit, the pleasant bitterness of an orange peel and a delicate touch of herbal top notes.

Boplaas Gin


The silky palate is introduced by enticing sweet notes of Spring blossoms on a bed of earthy juniper juiciness.

Boplaas Gin Citrus


This Eight Citrus Gin leads with a potent, fresh and distinctly floral punch of juniper on a multi-layered and definitive backdrop of citrus.

Boplaas Gin Pink


This Eight Citrus Gin leads with a potent, fresh and distinctly floral punch of juniper on a multi-layered and definitive backdrop of citrus.

Boschendal 10 Year Old Potstill Brandy


Deep Amber in colour with complex dried peaches and spice on the nose. It is full-bodied with a slightly sweet fruity aftertaste.

Amabala Nguni Gin


Juniper berry, angelica root, sweet orange peel, coriander, cardamom with a contemporary twist of lemongrass and umsuzwane.

Darlington Withington Gin


Infused with Kukumakranka plant, the only bulb in the world to produce a delicious fruit from below ground.

Die Mas
Kalahari Dry Gin


Notes of juniper, delicate spiciness from botanicals and a welcoming lemon and citrus finish.

Die Mas
Kalahari Naartjie Gin


Notes of juniper, delicate spiciness from traditional botanicals and a welcoming citrus finish.

Die Mas
Kalahari Pomegranate Gin


Subtle rose and pomegranate flavours. Rounded off with nuances of fresh fruit to give it the perfect balance.

Naakte Naartjie Gin 375ml


Handcrafted small batch gin flavored with naartjie skin oil and rose petals. Complex citrus and apple blossom notes.

Rumkat Rum 375ml


Taste mellowed wood with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and citrus, all finely balanced on a gently sweet backdrop of fine molasses.

Hope Agave
Blanco Tequila


Butterscotch with floral notes on the nose followed by a rich caramel with some spice palate with a warm and soft vanilla finish.

Hope Gin African Botanical


Kapokbos which adds the floral nose and the buchu gives a blackcurrant note.

Hope Gin London Dry


A uniquely South African twist – lemon pelargonium adds bright lemon notes and rosemary gives it a rounded herbaceousness.

Knorhoek Gin


Juniper backbone flanked by nuances of honey, hay and chamomile. Smooth to the taste.

Musgrave Copper Black Honey Pot Brandy


Sweet prune, honey, liquorice, light molasses and savoury notes on the nose. It has a very soft/velvety savoury finish. Very elegant and complex.

Musgrave Copper Vanilla Pot Brandy


Infused with natural vanilla to with a creamy vanilla and tangerine notes on the nose. It has a very delicate pallet, velvety and soft.

Nihilo Afrikan Dry Gin


Clean, assertive fresh perfumed pine notes, with the addition of gooseberry, lemongrass & burst orange citrus zest.