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Avontuur 10 year Potstill Brandy


It is clean and crisp on the nose with strong cedar and vanilla undertones. The finish is smooth and with a silky caramel aftertaste.

Babylonstoren Bitter Lekker


Honeybush with a zesty citrus kick from blood oranges and grapefruit, the pleasant bitterness of an orange peel and a delicate touch of herbal top notes.

Blaauwklippen Before & After Aperitif


Flavours of Christmas spice create the backbone of this brandy fortified aperitif. Enjoy neat or on the rocks as an aperitif or digestif or use it in cocktails.

Boschendal 10 Year Old Potstill Brandy


Deep Amber in colour with complex dried peaches and spice on the nose. It is full-bodied with a slightly sweet fruity aftertaste.

De Vry Distillery Boereraad


Smooth and elegant young brandy with prominent oak notes and a lingering fruity finish.

Eben Sadie


Made from old vine Muscat de Alexandria, aka Hanepoot, Witblits is a clear spirit made from grape skins and has a colourful, almost 200-year-old history in SA.

Six Dogs Blue Gin


The infusion of blue pea gives the Gin its striking yet completely natural colour. When the Gin is mixed with a good tonic, changing its colour to light pink.

Six Dogs Honey Lime Gin


A combination of farm honey and home-grown limes, blended with the finest botanical spirit, proved irresistible.

Six Dogs Karoo Gin


Notes of juniper and wild lavender followed with a fresh medley of citrus including limes, mandarins and farm-grown lemon buchu.

Six Dogs Pinotage Stained Gin


The Gin gets its colour and taste profile from the deep red essence of this truly South African cultivar, Pinotage.

Strandveld Spook van Blomfontein


A special wine spirit aperitif made from a base of the Strandveld Pinot Noir MCC and infused with Rose Geranium and other fynbos extracts.

Tripple Three Zinfandel Reserve


Warm scents of gingerbread nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, and malt aromas. Complimented with candied fruits and pears palate.