Sweet Wine

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Alheit Vineyards
Lost & Found


It sits in the glass like a smouldering ember, joyous, full of sunshine, reeking of apricots and marmalade fireworks.

Vin D’Or


This natural sweet wine presents loads of citrus aromas, especially tangerine, hints of tropical fruit and delicate notes of honeysuckle.

Soet Steen


Honeyed and intense, with dried fruit, honey and patisserie flavours and a subtle balsamic undertone.

Catherine Marshall Myriad (375ml)


Cherry liqueur, lavender and hazelnuts with black fruit. Sweetness is restrained by the cognac warmth lingering in the background.

Constantia Uitsig Muscat ‘d Alexandrie 375ml


Floral notes, stone fruit, peach, raisins and honey, with good, fresh acidity and good length.

Darling Gustus Skattie Pinotage


Ruby red, rich and spicy with notes of dark berries and hints of raisins, it is well bodied, very intense with notes of ripe cherries.

DaschBosch Hanepoot Muscat d`Alexandrie


This rare, complex and multi-layered dessert wine with aromas of honey, orange blossom and fruitcake. The palate presents candied citrus peel and mandarin.

Hooiwijn (375ml)


Fresh peaches and persimmon, with mandarin marmalade, and orange blossom on the nose. It follows through to a well-balanced palate.

Elgin Ridge Chaos White


Sweet pear, apricot and elderflower and dry hay around the edges. The pallet has a pithy edge, yet coated with an oily, multi-layered and textured mouthfeel.

Edelgoud (375ml)


Flavours of apricot and nectarine, passion fruit, honeycomb, marmalade, apple and dried peach.

Miles Mossop Kika (375ml)


Rich aromas of quince jelly, dried apricots, ginger and honey emanate. The entry on the palate is crisp with notes of marmalade, quince and ginger snap.

Mullineux Olerasay No2 Straw wine


(1 per order only) The nose and palate is a complex, enticing blend of dried peaches, apricots and marmalade, with savoury, nutty aromas of almonds, marzipan and honey.

Mullineux Straw Wine


The nose is a complex with dried peaches, apricots and marmalade, with savoury, nutty aromas of almonds, and honey. Balanced palate with a clean, fresh finish.

Piekenierskloof Samson Straw Wine


The nose is concentrated with notes of peach and dried apricot, a touch of spice and honeysuckle. The palate is rich and full with a well-balanced acidity.

Quoin Rock
Vine Dried


Aromas of dried pineapple and mango with roasted sweet spices complement a fascinating and refreshing palate of apricot pips and honey.

Vergelegen Semillon Straw Wine 375ml


Ripe, tropical fruit abounds on the nose but the wine does not become dull and uninteresting due to marvellous acidity and freshness on the palate.